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We specialize in:

  • Grout and Tile Cleaning and Restoration
  • Grout and Tile Repair and Preservation
  • Grout Clear Sealing, Color Sealing and our Exclusive Restoration Sealing
  • Loose and Hollow Floor Tile Re-bonding
  • Shower Repair and Restorations
  • Granite, Marble and Natural Stone Cleaning and Sealing
  • Anti-Slip Treatment
  • Color Matched Caulking

Our restoration process with your choice of color seal will make your tile shower, bath, kitchen, or floor look new again!  We will restore the original grout color or make a color change for a new or fresh look.  The result will provide a beautiful consistent grout color throughout the room or shower.

To ensure the highest quality, we use proprietary professional products and do not use methods that can lead to further damage such as steam, harsh acids, pressurized water systems or carpet cleaning equipment.

In addition to our on-site services, we offer a complete line of Groutsmith consumer products to keep your tile and grout in excellent condition while saving you time and money.

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Floor Tile and Grout Restoration and Preservation

Tile and grout require regular cleaning and maintenance to keep its appearance. Whether you have flooring that’s beginning to wear from age or have inherited a floor that needs some TLC, we can help.

We use our proprietary line of professional products to clean and restore floor tile and grout to like-new condition. We’re tile and grout experts and we never use harsh chemicals or improper cleaning practices or equipment that can damage your tiles or grout.

Floor Tile and Grout Repair

The Groutsmith has the expertise and experience to professionally repair any type of tile or grout damage. From chips to tile replacement, we’ve got you covered. We do the job right the first time so you can enjoy your tile floors for years to come.

Once your tile repair project is complete, we educate our customers on how to keep their tiles looking their best, including maintenance and cleaning techniques.

Floor Tile Re-bonding

Tile repair is our specialty. Don’t replace your entire floor if there is a simple fix for your loose tiles.

Re-bonding is the solution for a loose tile. It could have been installed incorrectly with the installer not using enough adhesive. Regular traffic can also, break down the adhesive and cause the tile to become loose.

We inject our proprietary tile adhesive through any holes in the grout to fill gaps and voids between the tile and subfloor, bonding the loose tile to the subfloor. When dry, the damaged grout work is matched for color and repaired.

Shower Repair and Restoration

If your shower is beginning to look worn, it’s time to call a professional. Don't wait until the grout is cracking, caulk is coming loose, or tiles are falling off. 

We offer expert evaluations, resulting in a custom restoration plan based on your needs. Our goal is to properly repair and restore your bath or shower back to its original condition.

Our shower repair and restoration services may include cleaning, grout repair, grout sealing, color restoration, color-match caulking or complete grout removal and replacement.

Granite and Natural Stone Sealing

Granite and Natural stone surfaces look great, but special care needs to be taken to keep them looking their best. These stone countertops and floors are covered with a special sealant that can be inadvertently removed.

We recommend cleaning, sealing, restoration work, and repair be left to the professionals, but we also educate our customers so they can care for their stone surfaces in their daily life, reducing the need for major work.

Anti-Slip Treatment

Because tiled surfaces do not allow moisture to penetrate the surface, liquids can accumulate on the top.

Groutsmith uses a proprietary product designed to make naturally slippery tiled areas less slippery by improving  friction on tiled areas. It works by creating microscopic pores on the treated surface that create a vacuum effect when wet, reducing the risk of slip and fall injuries, and making your tiled areas safer for everyone.

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